Comprehensive Holistic Care for Addiction & Recovery

Comprehensive Holistic Care for Addiction & Recovery

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Posted on : 09-03-19

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Comprehensive Holistic Care for Addiction & Recovery

Our beautiful recovery home is a stunning country retreat just 10 minutes from the City of Portland, Maine. Situated on 25 serene acres, we offer peace and privacy in a secure New England antique Colonial home with five double-occupancy rooms, each with a semi-private bathroom. Features include several comfy common areas, a cozy wood-paneled library, a gorgeous zen room, fireplaces, a sunny back patio, and a heated swimming pool in our secluded back yard bordered by gardens and towering pine trees. 
The holistic approach to recovery addresses one of the most effective principles of treatment, which is to treat the entire person as a whole entity, rather than focusing only on the drug or alcohol addiction and the disease symptoms. In terms of practical reasons, addiction experts list a number of examples of how to treat an entire person’s condition – addressing legal problems, vocational issues and any psychological or medical situations that may be present – when an individual receives treatment. 
When an individual has been suffering from addiction, they experience changes in the brain and the body that can cause them to feel as though they simply cannot exist without the drugs to which they have become addicted. This compulsion to abuse drugs is part of the diagnostic criteria for addiction. The disease causes some individuals to seemingly choose drug use over actions that, to a reasonable person, would seem far less important. 
This can cause serious difficulties in a person’s life. If they do not go to work consistently, they can lose their job. If they do not parent effectively, the authorities can remove their children from their home. If they fail to participate in events, they may find that their friendships and other established relationships suffer. 
Recovering from drug addiction is far more than simply making the effort to not abuse drugs or alcohol. Living in recovery can often mean changing every aspect of your life, from your associations and unhealthy relationships to learning how to manage pain or stress without the abuse of medications or illegal substances. The holistic approach to recovery provides recovering individuals with a toolbox of skills they can call on to help them overcome the challenges they will face every day.

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