The agricultural practices of today will not feed the human race of tomorrow.

Propping up depleted soil with chemical fertilizer to grow weaker strains of plants creates an environment ripe for predation. This unbalanced environment then needs the protection of pesticides and herbicides. These products, designed to kill, are being applied to the food source.

We at ThunderGro believe there is a better, more efficient, and safer approach to caring for and producing the world food and medicine without poisoning the soil, water, and food source itself. Quite simply, it is a water treatment product. Sustainability is the only mindset that needs to be applied to any aspect of the worlds agricultural industry. The use of any product that is toxic and/or operates on the laws of diminishing return to grow food needs to be discontinued. While these shortsighted practices are exercised by the agricultural industry, every aspect of life on the planet is affected.

ThunderGro was formulated to address this basic common sense approach to growing food and medicine. Originally created to help in the production of critical needs botanicals, ThunderGro soon became a highly effective tool used in all areas of agriculture. The affect on the plants and soil was obvious and immediate, thus prompting the concept of taking the product to market. The goal of getting as much ThunderGro on as much ground possible became the focus. This task was simplified by the positive affects of ThunderGro on all living things. With no need for concern regarding crop type, our focus remains the distribution and application for any and all agricultural endeavors.

While ThunderGro was being developed with certain species of plants in mind, the results led us into more and variety. Every plant became a candidate for the trials. The plants responded positively, the soil responded positively. These responses warranted a shift of purpose. The research and development spent to develop our own gardening tool, resulted in a product that needed to be shared with as many people as possible.

ThunderGro does not promote or endorse one type of plant versus any other plant. If it is a growing living thing, ThunderGro will work with the same amount of vigor and efficiency each and every time. Heal the soil, heal the water, and heal the food. 

Pesticide and Pathogen Remediation

THUNDERgro™ is a powerful tool for use in the remediation of plants that have been exposed to pesticides and pathogens. The powerful physics-based force that is created by our formulation dramatically improves the plant’s ability to chelate out toxins and heavy metals, and when used through the growth cycle of the plants, increases the plant’s ability to defend it self against pests. This has proven to be especially useful for the cultivation of Cannabis.

Foliar Spraying with THUNDERgro™

THUNDERgro™ is excellent for use in foliar spray feeding of any plants including those sensitive to pathogens or pests like mold and fungus including Cannabis Hemp.

Great results can be obtained by using a basic in line hose sprayer such as the one pictured below:

Simply fill your sprayer with full strength THUNDERgro™ concentrate and dial the sprayer setting down to the lowest setting. Spray down your plants about every 7 to 10 days for results that you will notice immediately. It is completely safe for all animals and insects, plants, people.

Tips for use Outdoors

This formula will be excellent for you for both ground feeding and foliar feeding.

Recommended ratio of THUNDER to water is two tablespoons for every ten gallons of water.

Feed this about every three to five days in addition to regular watering. For foliar feeding, it is recommended to use a hose feed sprayer that is set from 1/4 to 1 tablespoon per gallon. Fill the sprayer with THUNDER formula at full strength.

Tips for use Indoors

This formula is excellent for both soil and hydrophonics indoors. The general ratio for application in a Hydroponics setup is 1/4 of a teaspoon per six plants into your tanks every five days. For indoor use on houseplants or indoor growing in soil, mix 1/4 teaspoon per ten gallons of water and apply every five days. Understand that this formula will not “burn up” your crop through overapplication, nor will it fail completely without enough. The application rates have some room to adjust, so feel confident in using your intuitive mind, to adjust the application rates. Your plants will tell you if they desire more or less!!


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