The House passed a bill to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level and set up a process to expunge previous convictions. Doubtful the Senate will even consider it since we have a Neanderthal in charge in the Senate who also thinks we don't need Universal Healthcare and or Universal Basic Wages during a Pandemic of epic proportions. 

But we sure do need another couple of nuclear powered submarines, a trident missile or two, some more Raytheon Cruise Missiles... can't have enough of those on hand, especially with that War Mongering Joe Biden coming back to town now can you? And of course we also need a couple Trillion Dollars worth of F-35s and let's not forget Don's pathetic Wall... half built scarring the landscape now. Gee Mitch, do you think Joe Biden is going to finish the 'Simpleton Wall'? I'll bet he does, after all, Joe is no friend of immigrants, heck he's the one that got all those prison cells built in the first place way back with his Buddy Bill Clinton and those wonderful Omnibus Crime Bills. How handy now that George W and Barack and Dandy Don  have filled them with ICE detainees. Great little industry we got going there eh? Incarceration 101. Wall St loves it, they make about $35k a year per victim... I mean prisoner... I mean pieces of meat for corporate oligarchs.

Meanwhile in Iceland...

When it comes down to it, this long over due initiative is fundamentally a racial justice initiative and one step toward repairing the damage done to people of color by the criminal war on drugs waged by our criminal injustice system. It is time to stop this criminal oligarchy from destroying more lives and families. Haven't we done enough damage with these psychopaths that think we should all be incarcerated for consuming a plant that grows naturally and has brought healing and relief to millions of people over the centuries?

If you think a person should be incarcerated for consuming a plant that makes them feel better, then you are just a psychopath and probably should be locked up yourself.

Unfortunately for Cannabis Consumers, we have a psychopath from Kentucky in charge of our Senate and unless it makes Wall St more money, Mitch isn't going to have a thing to do with it. Remember he wants to 'put the brakes on all this pandemic relief nonsense' as well. Mitch was quoted as stating that the 'House is spending this week on pressing issues like marijuana'. Psst hey Mitch, news flash, cannabis is one of the few industries we actually need during this pandemic, it's employing people instead of kicking them out to the streets and it's one of the few non-Wall St cottage industries left in America were real Americans can actually make a living. VS flipping burgers and making double grande lattes for Wall St and the owners of Mitch and Nancy his girlfriend. Of course your owners at Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Johnson and Johnson and Wall St don't like the idea, after all, there are 'Rea$on$ for Refill$' right? And if we can grow a real medicine in a window box in Toledo, we really don't need Big Pharma and their 'Pre$cription$' now do we?

As for a coronavirus relief package, I recall Mitch's girlfriend back in March slurring her words telling us all to relax. Relax Nancy? Relax while you continue to eat ice cream, slur your words and drink wine while filling Wall St coffers with trillions of dollars as Main St gets boarded up and told to shelter in place? And now you clowns think that we don't see through your political chicanery. 

  1. the use of trickery to achieve a political, financial, or legal purpose.
    "an underhanded person who schemes corruption and political chicanery behind closed doors"

Chicanery Move One, instead of bringing meaningful legislation to the floor that needs to be passed quickly, like Universal Health Care, *Universal Basic Income During a Pandemic, Student Debt Relief, Rent and Mortgage Relief and a real amount for the Small Business PPP. Remember Nancy gave $4.5 Trillion to her oligarch keepers on Wall St day one of the pandemic without batting an eye while real American Businesses, that needed as much as $8 Trillion Dollars to survive and maintain their payrolls, were told to 'Be Patient', here's some ice cream and some PPP money I'll eventually give to my smaller Wall Street Buddies.

I use to have a tee shirt when I was a teen ager that had two vultures sitting on a branch. One vulture looks at the other and says... 'Patience my ass, I'm gonna kill something today'. I have personally run out of patience for this useless Speaker of the House who has never once spoken for Main St.

*NOTE: Federal Minimum Wage has remained at $7.25 for Nancy Pelosi's entire tenure as Speaker of the House.

I urge every Representative in Congress to demand Nancy Pelosi bring meaningful legislation to the floor for a vote before you pledge your support for her to remain Speaker. I really urge you find another Speaker, one who will actually Speak for Americans instead of Wall St.

Tell Nancy Pelosi we need 'Basic Universal Healthcare' and a 'Universal Basic Income' during this time of pandemic... we also need the rent covered and our kids need a break from student debt that is absolutely crippling them economically.

Chicanery Move Two... Joe Biden can pretend to support Cannabis Decriminalization and call his Girlfriend Nancy 'Courageous' all the while knowing his buddy Mitch and his other psychopath buddies in the Senate have zero intention of ever letting it pass. Pfizer just won't have it now.

Now don't you feel good knowing that the useless war mongering pathological liar you've elected to replace this liar in chief is willing to sign the legislation, but those darn Senators just won't bring it to a vote? Boy if only they'd vote on it eh? Meanwhile Nancy forgets all about the Pandemic and minimum wages and basic incomes and universal health care and pretends Mitch and company are holding everything up. Gee Nancy, if 70% of Americans want universal healthcare and universal incomes... then why haven't you brought it to a vote? Afraid the Senate may have to vote for it too and then Joe is screwed on Wall St with a bunch of broken promises... I remember Joe saying... 'Nothing will change' and 'America is back' Back to what Joe, business as usual on Wall St?

Enough is enough Congress... it's time to stop the chicanery and start earning your keep around here.


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