Casting Suggestion: TBD
Type: Supporting Role
Gender: Male
Age: 65

Yikes it's Ike! He's 5-Stars and In-Charge. At least we let him think he is.

34th U.S. President

Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was an American politician and Army general who served as the 34th President of the United States from 1953 until 1961. Wikipedia

Born: October 14, 1890, Denison, TX

Died: March 28, 1969, Washington, D.C.

Presidential term: January 20, 1953 – January 20, 1961

Party: Republican Party

Vice president: Richard Nixon (1953–1961)


Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.

You do not lead by hitting people over the head - that's assault, not leadership.