“Going forward, I think we need to take a look at the modeling that’s used for the next assessment.” Andrew Wheeler

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler on Wednesday accused the Obama administration of tilting last week’s federal climate change report to focus on the worst-case outcomes — and indicated that the Trump administration could seek to shape the next big study of the issue.

EPA chief Andrew Wheeler, a former lobbyist for coal producer Murray Energy, among other clients, echoed the president when he said doesn’t believe the National Climate Assessment's conclusions on climate change’s economic effects.

The report, released on the day after Thanksgiving, was the first major climate assessment produced predominantly during Trump’s presidency. But Wheeler still maintained that Trump’s predecessor was the driving force behind it. “The drafting of this report was drafted at the direction of the Obama administration,” Wheeler said. “And I don’t know this for a fact — I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama administration told the report’s authors to take a look at the worst case scenario for this report,” added Wheeler, who said he had not discussed the report with Trump.

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