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Story background: FESTUS PARKER is an old gambler and former owner of the OK SALOON. Trouble is, he died in 1888 and has been haunting the place ever since. He is a former Pendleton Detective and Secret Service Member before there was a Secret Service.

He was part of the security team when GARFIELD was assassinated and after Garfield died he quit the service. Moved out west and bought the OK Saloon. He also makes the claim that he started all that secret crap stuff way back then and is the original founder of AREA 51 and AREA 52.

Festus has acquired the skills of being able to communicate with the living president, as well as other living characters and can even transform himself into a living being with the ability to change between human and ghost form at will and possess ghost powers but only for a short while. If he runs out of ghostly powers when he is a human, he must make it back to the OK Saloon and recharge with a bong rip or two from his buddy IKE. 

Festus still has his deed to the old place and he has been selling the same old haunted saloon to different people for over a century... Each new owner is the last President of the United States. Every time he sells it, the new owner comes to town and Festus runs off to Vegas with the money and doesn't return until his ghostly powers wear off. He leaves the new owner in the hands of the residents of GHOSTOWN while gone.

All the residents of Ghostown are former Presidents, most of them dead but we will also see some living ones float in from time to time. All Presidents, when they are President, are trained in how to become a ghost when alive by the NINJAS that live in AREA 52.

Note: the ninjas are all the secrets the government keeps and they keep them in area 52, it's just down the road a piece from area 51 and only presidents know about it's existence.

Area 52 is just on the outskirts of town - all locations are 'just on the outskirts of town' even the present day WHITE HOUSE which we will visit from time to time. Our tour guide will be the ghost of NANCY REAGAN.

The initial setting is a ghostown somewhere in arizona, abandoned for years but still has many structures including the ok saloon, johnsons whorses, lincoln's saw mill, the church of the sacred bleeding heart of jesus, barbara bush's bud and breakfast, carlin's drug store and carter cannabis farms just to name a few.

When a new owner or visitor comes to town, the town sheriff, RONALD REAGAN with Dementia, greets them with his tagline 'Hi, I'm Ronald Reagan. I'm from the government and I'm here to help.' Ron has dementia and it is evident until he takes a MEDIBLE. GEORGE CARLIN, our resident Pharmacist, always shows up right after Ron and gives Ron a hit of something or a Medible after which Ron always becomes sharp as a tac. He then shows you to the OK Saloon where all the ghosts hang out.

All the ghosts are dead presidents and other dead celebrities but instead of being an alcohol bar, it's a cannabis smoke easy set in a western theme saloon.

The bartender is DWIGHT EISENHOWER. IKE always has a filter-less joint hanging out of his mouth in place of the lucky strikes he use to smoke constantly. 

We will find a variety of characters at the bar, all enjoying the latest strain.

Characters such as DUDLEY MOORE A la 'Arthur' character enjoying a bong rip out of a bong shaped like a martini glass with the glass being the bowl and the straw the stem.

Ike will always light your fire with a flame thrower from WWII he keeps handily in his back pocket and able to whip it out at a moments notice. After Ike lights any characters bowl or joint the characters face is left chard and burnt but the characters are always afraid to say anything to Ike and always thank him for the light by saying 'thanks for the light Ike'.

Playing rag-time piano is RICHARD NIXON, he's a DICK and on stage doing a can-can dance is HILLARY CLINTON but in a pants suit with frills. Playing the sax is BILL CLINTON dressed in drag A la Eddie Izzard, in a blue dress, with a stain. It won't wash out. Yeah, they're not dead but while they were in the White House, ABE LINCOLN visited them and gave them special training on how to be a ghost while still alive. Abe wishes he learned it sooner when JEFFERSON's ghost came and visited him while he was on the way to see a play. 

Every now and then, without warning, our idiot savant GEORGE W. Walks through the scene muttering to himself like 'Rainman'. He also received special training while in the White House but can't remember how to change back to a human.

Others include MICHAEL JACKSON in full Vegas dress on stage like only he could do it.

All our ghosts can change between human and ghost form at will and possess ghostly powers, but only for a short while, all except for George W. That is.

If a visitor leaves the OK Saloon after being warned not to, they discover other 'GHOSTOWNS' in different settings around town. Step out of the saloon, hear something around the corner, step around the corner to investigate the sound and into a new world (episode), with a whole new set of ghosts for that setting... Vegas, New York, Tim Buk Too... Doesn't matter the scene can be anywhere to fit the episodes storyline. 

Once again RONALD REAGAN is the first person you meet and he greets you with a new tagline... 'Have we met before?' but dressed for the current scene... I.e. have him replace Bogart in Casablanca and put him in a white tux. He can be a cab driver in New York, a ticket taker at Dodger Stadium... He fits any character since he was a character. He will always have a dementian episode when he first greets you but GEORGE CARLIN Will always show up, give him a hit of something or a medible and Ron snaps once again to being sharp as a tac.

We'll also be making several trips to the White House and visiting its present tennant with our dead ghost presidents. 

The ghost of Nancy Reagan will be giving us white house tours of 'the dark side of the White House'. We'll enter via secret doors only PRESIDENTS and NINJAS know about. 

(oh the fun we'll have with that...)

*note: see characters work space for more information on individual characters. 


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