Keynesian Idiots

Keynesian Idiots

Economics 101... Paper Money is the sole cause of inflation. The more you print, the more it inflates... (devalues) the faster you print it... the faster it inflates.

Can you say 'Quantitative Easement' three times fast...?

Barack Obama comes to office in 2009... McDonald's wants $2.00 for 2 sausage egg mcmuffins... Bring in Robert Reich, a completely clueless keynesian economist who thinks we can just keep printing money... IDIOT.

'We have to bail out the banks by printing money' said the idiot who couldn't economically figure his way out of a free parking lot. 'Let's print money... we'll call it 'Quantitative Easement' ... heck people won't even be able to pronounce it never mind spell it... so they did... and now, 8 years later, McDonalds wants $4.59 for those same two mcmuffin sandwiches.

Question... Does anyone think we should be printing any more monopoly money over at the fed?

I know... we'll call it 'Quantitative Easement IV Revenge of the Euro'. Heck, maybe, when it's all said and done, they can get the price for those two delicious sandwiches up to 2 for $10 eh? ... Keynesian IDIOTS!

Purple Knight

'A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one.'

Alexander Hamilton