Wall St

Just think, ten years ago, the number one criminal act perpetrated against the American People since 2000 was the theft, plunder and pillaging of our banking system by Hank Paulson and Goldman Sachs in 2008.

Basically Hank stuck a gun to Congress's head and said... 'Give my buddies $800 Billion or else'. And Congress was told no way by the American People and yet gave Hank and his Buddies $800 B USD to bail themselves out with and absorb the 'toxic' mortgages they themselves created.

And what did the bankers do? Did they use the money to loan out? Nope... they gave themselves bonuses and ran AIG into bankruptcy. Wells Fargo was even hedging against it's own mortgages and boy did they make out like raped apes. Can you say Baltimore?

Second question... if we bought up the toxic mortgages... why do the banks still own the houses and not the home owners?

When we start looking into that crime you'll have my attention... everything else is peanuts compared to that grand larceny.

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