A continuing saga of the differences between a Casino coming to town and Cannabis coming to town. Cannabis Town has some rules: Rule #1 Never take advice on the evils of cannabis from someone who gambles and goes for cocktails after work.

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In Cannabis town John owns a grow facility where he grows cannabis.

His product is in demand and he is able to make a profit from his sales.

John has $100 in his pocket.

John spends $50 on equipment he buys from Tom.

Tom owns a hydroponics supply store.

John spends $50 on seeds and obtains 3 seeds.

John has all he needs and grows some of the greatest cannabis ever.

Each seed yields a plant harvest of approximately 1 lb in 4 months time.

John is pleased.

John begins to clone more plants and realizes 2 more harvests that year.

John grows a total of 9 pounds of Cannabis which sells for $2000 a pound.

John has 9 pounds of Cannabis now worth $18000. John is happy.

John sells 3 pounds to Mike.

Mike owns a cannabis extract company that makes cannabinoid extracts for epilepsy patients.

Mike converts the cannabis to medicine by extracting the oils from the plants.

Mike donates his oils to his patients.

Mike's patients stop suffering epileptic seizures.

Mike has happy patients.

John sells 3 pounds of cannabis to his other client Dan.

Dan owns a dispensary.

Dan repackages John's product into smaller packages and sells them directly to the public for their own personal enjoyment.

Dan's Dispensary also dispenses Mike's oils.

Dan collects a sales tax for the city so they can operate essential services John, Tom, Mike, Dan and Mae all need. All are happy.

John also sells 3 pounds to Mae.

Mae owns Lazy Mae's Bakery and makes medicated edibles for people who don't smoke cannabis to enjoy the benefits as well.

Mae sells her baked goods to the public so all can enjoy.

Mae also collects sales tax for the city.

Mae's products are in high demand and she needs help baking cookies.

Mae places an ad in a classifieds for bakers and helpers.

Mae needs more than one person to meet the demand.

Dan can't keep John's product on his shelf and he also requires help.

Dan needs retail clerks and shipping and handling and now he probably needs an accountant or at least a bookkeeper.

Dan orders more cannabis from John.

Mike orders more cannabis.

Mae places her order for more as well.

John now must meet demand and expand his business by hiring more people to grow his cannabis.

John purchases an abandoned factory and expands his business. He too probably needs an accountant.

Mike's oils are becoming well known and he too must expand his operations.

Mike also purchases an abandoned factory and converts it into a research facility as well as an extraction and packaging facility.

Mike believes there are more cures to be found in the plant.

Mike also needs more help.

In Cannabis Town everybody is safe and secure and their children can get a good education from the schools now being funded by John and his 3 seeds.

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