What's it all about?

Even we don't know... yet, That's up to you.

We're still mixing things up a bit.

This site is an experiment associated with the development of an animated series entitled 'Area 52'.

All artists are welcomed to participate by contributing their ideas, art, sounds, music etc. to the show.

The purpose of the show is to be educational as well as entertaining.

It's themed around societies drug situations and we wish to explore as many avenues as we can to help convey an educational message about drug abuse.

To participate, simply sign up and join the Area 52 Group and start sharing your ideas.

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Festus Parker
Festus Parker is an old gambler and former Pendleton Agent. He is the owner of the OK Saloon.
Trouble is, he died in 1888 and has been haunting the place ever since.
He is a former Secret Service Member, before there was a Secret Service.
He was part of the security team when Garfield was assassinated and quit the service shortly after his death.
After his retirement, he moved out west and bought the OK Saloon.
He also lays claim to starting all that secret crap stuff way back then and is the original founder of Areas 51 and 52.

Festus ParkerLead Character

Hygieia is our principal lead.
Burned at the stake in 1698.
She is a Ghost Witch and has all sorts of magical powers.
Tagline: 'Everybody Loves Hygieia
Befriends Malia and becomes Big Sister
Role Model for her.
Exposes Malia to the 'Real' world.
Controls the storyline
Partner(s) / Sidekicks: Ninjas / Malia

HygieiaLead Character

Malia Obama
Malia is our 2nd female lead character.
Former 1st daughter that needs to see the real world and is shown it by Hygieia in more ways than one.
Tagline: 'Everybody Loves Me'
Befriends Hygieia and gets into all sorts of trouble because of being so naive to the real world.
Not sure writer could have found a more privileged child. Perhaps her sister lol.
Storyline evolves around her falling in love and getting into all sorts of situations Hygieia has to get her out of.
Controls the storyline
Partner(s) / Sidekicks: Hygieia

Malia ObamaLead Character

George Carlin
George is the owner of Carlin's Drug Store. A gathering place for characters needing their 'Prescriptions Filled'.
He also does 'Open Mike Night' at the OK Saloon.
Tagline: 'This character doesn't need one, George had so much material to work from'
Store Specials: Sign outside Drug Store that changes all the time.
'Today's Special - No Toke Dope. Just buy a bag, stick it in your closet and stay high'.
'Ask about our 'Toledo Window Box' giveaway!'
Partner / Sidekick(s): Ghost of Sam Kinison - Mark Twain or Richard Pryor.

George CarlinLead Character


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