Who is Whitefish Energy? - Let's just play connect the dots with this...

  • Whitefish Energy Holdings LLC, is based in Whitefish, Montana and was established in 2015.
  • It's CEO made significant contributions to Republican Party and they are backed by HBC Investments and Flat Creek Capital both of Dallas, Texas.
  • Both CEOs have made significant political campaign contributions to both parties. If you're going to play politics in America, you have to play and pay both sides of the fence.
  • In 2014, White Fish Energy didn't exist.
  • In 2015 it had two employees and boasted 22 years of experience.
  • In 2016 significant campaign donations are made.
  • In 2017 awarded a $300 M USD contract to restore a portion of Puerto Rico's power grid.
  • HBC claims to be an investment firm that partners with strong management teams and has successfully invested some $100 M USD to date.
  • FCC is also an investment fund focused on growth capital investments and boasts a portfolio of 12 companies invested in since inception. They were formed in April 2016 which makes them 1 1/2 years old.

Next dot.. disaster strikes and here comes Wall Street and it's 'Disaster Capitalists' coming to the aide of another Caribbean Island yet to be fully exploited by tourism and real estate vultures.

FEMA kicks in gear and basically starts to get some relief flowing to Puerto Rico.

All the 'Disaster Capitalists' phones start to ring and monies are aligned and plans are made on how to best exploit the situation and most importantly who needs to be paid off this disaster?

Remember what happened in Haiti folks? Earthquake strikes and here come the King and Queen of Disaster Capitalists the Clintons with all sorts of wealth and aide for the island of Haiti. Next thing you know contracts, completely unrelated to the disaster, are being awarded and divided up by the do gooders. Post disaster... Haiti is still impoversihed and has less housing now than before earth-quake, is deeper in debt and the 'Disaster Capitalists' are busy building their new luxury hotel, condiminiums and other real estate investments. Low income housing built... hardly any.

Meanwhile our Congress, showing little sympathy for our Island possession, allocates a couple hundred million dollars in direct relief and offers the island people more debt to be supplied by the Wall Street Banker 'Disaster Capitalists'. Then it gets back to work stripping benefits from social programs and finding even more monies to give to the Wall Street Corporate Welfare parasites that pay their salaries and allocates another $163 B USD to Lockheed [Martin] to build a plane that gets it's ass kicked in simulation after simulation. Talk about a 'Skunk Project'.

Now the decision to award such a big contract and such an enormous challenge, to a tiny company founded just two years ago is puzzling to say the least but not surprising. One mystery is that power companies don't generally use contractors to restore electricity but make arrangements for help from other utilities. Whitefish Energy is not a utility on the Island. Not even sure if it is a utility in Montana and writer suspects they are just resellers of other generated power sources via the energy sector deregulation boom. The company's website offers little detail on the company or its track record.

Here are some dots you can connect...

  • Joe Colonnetta is CEO of HBC and donated to RNC.
  • HBC is major investor in Whitefish Energy
  • Whitefish Energy is located in Whitefish, Montana.
  • Whitefish is the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.
  • Zinke has admitted he knows the company’s CEO, although Zinke claims he had no role in brokering the contract.

As for how the contract was awarded, one can only guess who called who or how the dots are connected.

In Puerto Rico, less than 10 percent of the island’s public schools have been able to resume classes and of the schools that were able to reopen, most had no electricity or internet access. At least 80 percent of Puerto Rico still has no electricity, and about a quarter of the island still lacks clean drinking water.

'I think we've done a really great job and we are getting there. I give ourselves a ten.'

President Trump