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If you haven’t heard the news, Jeff Sessions has just rescinded the Obama-era guidelines, which have been protecting state cannabis laws and programs from the DEA and Justice Department.

In a phenomenon we like to call “Disaster Capitalism the Shock Doctrine”, a disaster strikes, public sympathy is awakened, and there are grand pledges to “build back better,” bringing justice to those who have just lost everything. And yet almost immediately the emergency atmosphere becomes the pretext to push through a wish list for big polluters, real estate developers, and financiers at the expense of those who have already lost so much. We call them 'Disaster Capitalists'. Right now you can bet 'Disaster Capitalists' are circling Puerto Rico, but this time they may not get their prey.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is possibly one of the most useless jets and biggest waste of taxpayer money ever conceived by the US military. Scrapping this Crappy Jet Could Provide the Entire Country with 23 years of Free College! In fact, according to Pierre Sprey, one of the three men that created the F-16, the point of this plane is “to spend money.” He clarifies, “that is the mission of the airplane, is for the US Congress to send money to Lockheed [Martin].”

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